Is there a One Stop Shop for Storytelling?

Miquiel Banks

Story Consultant

Your PURPOSE is to finish.


My JOB is to show you.


Pamela Watkins

Realtor and Mortgage Loan Originator

Miquiel does fabulous art work. He is very creative, innovative, and possesses wonderful artistic abilities. He takes the time to tailor each picture to your personality. I was very happy with my name tag and it suited my personality perfectly. I would highly recommend him.

Pamela Jaye Smith

Mythologist, Writer, Producer, Director

Miquiel Banks is a visionary thinker with skills that can be most valuable for story analysis and construction, no matter the genre or style. He fits that description of the archetype of the Magician as "someone who sees patterns where others do not see them and creates patterns where none existed before.

Brendan McConnell

Field Marketing Representative

Miquiel exceeded our expectations for both quality of story and professionalism. He is a skilled writer and storyteller who adapted his writing easily to our requirements. The end result was a compelling 4-part series that stands out on our blog for both its originality and story quality.


  • Story Worksheets

    Instead of wasting your time with theories and rules, MB provides you with Story Worksheets that guide you through the Story Development Process.


    For the first time, you participate in developing your Story and you know WHY you're doing something, not just following instructions.

  • Secret Weapons

    Using MB's Secret Weapon, manage your Story from Initial Idea to Finished Product, whether that's a book or Script.


    Instead of being theoretical, MB shows you WHY your Story has potential and guides you to building a unique and relevant story.

  • Make your Story Bigger

    With a background in Mythology, MB will  match your story with Ancient Wisdom.


    MB urges you to think bigger, don't just be entertaining, you should show people how to live a good life. The buzzword for this is a Global Myth.

  • Transmedia Potential

    Using a Treatment, MB walks you through how to migrate your story through different media (Screenplay, ebook, Webinar, Blog Series, TV Series, Concept Album, etc.).


  • What are MB's credentials?

    MB has covered all areas of Storytelling, ranging from poems, songs, music production, screenplays, spoken word, breakdancing, beatboxing, graffiti artwork, rapping, technical writing, UI/UX Design, and Web Development. Does it help that he's an award-winning Technical Writer/Newspaper Editor and an #1 Amazon Author four times?

  • Who has MB worked with?

    MB has worked with the United States Army, AT&T, Jabil, Verizon, Spectrum, AGS (American Gaming Systems), Dell SecureWorks, Corel and Mindjet, Carestream, Sweetwater Sound, VES (Virtually Everything Story Summit), MythWorks, Wrap-A-Loc, Preeminence Academy, Sophia Stewart, Mitchell Gibson, Pamela Jaye Smith, and Stanley D. Williams.

  • What are Story Wheels and Worksheets?

    These are Storytelling tools that will help you finish.

  • What are MB's Secret Weapons?

    MB's major secret weapons are the Moral Premise and the Treatment.

  • Do I need a background in Storytelling?

    All you need is Passion and a willingness to follow the process.

  • What software tools does MB suggest?

    MB suggests WriterDuet, Dropbox Paper, Airtable, Notion, Goalscape, SuperNoteCard, Control Writer, Plot Control, Episode Control, MindManager, and Scrivener.

  • How long does it take?

    It depends on the story's length. For example, a poem can be done in a few minutes, a song in a few hours, but a script can take up to several months.

  • How much does it cost?

    MB's services range from $100 up to $10,000.

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